6 classic champagne moments we love

31st March

We can't call champagne an essential, it's just that somethings wouldn't be the same without it. Here are six of them.
The Champagne Sabre
Don’t pop it. Slice it open! If it’s a dramatic moment you’re after you couldn’t do better than to sabre a bottle. Definitely not one for the amateur, sabering  uses a specially designed champagne sword to slice the neck clean away from the bottle in one swift strike. Perfect for wowing guests. Just make sure they’re impressed for all the right reasons. Sabrage like any art, takes practise.  

The Victory Shower
It’s just not a sporting celebration if there isn’t a frothing, foaming bottle of champagne being shaken and sprayed. The good old champagne shower is a sign of sporting elation in almost every corner of the world. The drink of kings has become the drink of sporting champions. 

The Saucy Burlesque Coupe
Unashamedly fun and flirtatious, burlesque wouldn’t be the same without champagne. A giant coupe of it. Be-jewelled and tassled burlesque stars have been splashing around in giant champagne coupes for the grand finale of shows since the 1930s.
Legendary performer Dita Von Teese has made bathing in a giant champagne glass complete with strawberry one of her trademark acts. Von Teese, who occasionally switches up her act with a giant Martini glass, recommends pink lighting to get the best effect when bathing in a champagne glass. Good to know, but we think we'll stick to simply pouring ourselves a coupe of pink champagne instead. 

Anchors Away - The Boat Launch
Half celebration, half superstition, christening a boat by breaking a bottle of champagne against its hull is a call for good luck. The idea that making an offering to the gods before its launch brings a ship good luck can be traced back as far the Vikings.
Trouble is, champagne bottles are pretty tough and they need to be to withstand the pressure inside. Being tough to crack is not always a good thing though. A bottle's failure to break against the ship is seen as a bad omen for the vessel's future. Professionals recommend scoring a bottle with a diamond to give it the best chance of smashing first time. We say good job the tradition doesn’t extend to christening new cars!

The Champagne Afternoon Tea 
Dainty sandwiches, scones piled obscenely high with clotted cream, tea served in fine china and of course a glass, or two, of champagne all enjoyed over the course of a leisurely afternoon.
Few of life’s sweet treats are as wonderfully indulgent as afternoon tea.
Thing is, for it to feel truly special a glass of champagne is essential. Sure, drinking loose leaf tea out of something other than your favourite mug is already an improvement but a glass of champagne instantly elevates things to special occasion status quicker than you can stack a couple of coupes.

The Champagne Pyramid
Nothing says celebration and indulgence quite like the free flowing spectacle of a champagne pyramid, apart from an equally impressive Coupe Stack of course! A bottle of champagne poured to flow down an impressively stacked pyramid has no equal when it comes to impressing guests and creating an unforgettable ‘ooh-ahh’ moment.
You’ve got to admit, beer pyramid just doesn’t have the same ring to it!