6 Moments Made Better With A Coupe Stack

27th January

Wedding receptions - champagne! Anniversaries - champagne! Parties - champagne! But what about enjoying a glass of the good stuff in between. After all, it seems a shame to wait for the next special occasion. So, if you’re looking for a reason to celebrate, let us help. Here are six other moments just perfect for a Coupe Stack. 

The Family Stack
It’s a simple equation. 1 happy couple, plus 2 sets of in-laws equals a potentially awkward dinner filled with small talk. Turn a tense moment around and enjoy the ice breaking powers  of a Coupe Stack. Just don’t blame us if they don’t get on.

The Save The (Rainy) Day Stack
There’s no ignoring that bad weather can ruin the best laid plans. Especially at the weekend. Happily, with a Coupe Stack at home there’s no need to retreat to the pub all weekend.  As the rain beats down outside, keep dry and make it pour indoors as you and your friends partake in an afternoon of leisurely Coupe Stacking.

The Tactical Stack
Burnt. On the floor. Undercooked. Whatever the reason, one thing’s clear - your guests will not be eating a meal made by you tonight. Question is, how are you going to keep them happy until the pizzas arrive? Start stacking those coupes and soon enough your guests won’t even remember they’re waiting.

The Edge Of Your Seat Stack
A six-stack is just the beginning for those with a competitive edge. With a steady hand and steely determination, raise your coupes to the roof and set your own Coupe Stack personal best.

The No Point Crying Over Spilt Champagne Stack
Missing the mark is never a great feeling, whether it’s a plain old driving test or something more academic. On the other hand, why let that bottle of fizz you bought to celebrate go to waste? Just call it a practice run and look forward to pouring another one soon. Plus, we’ve learnt that it’s impossible not to smile when you're pouring a Coupe Stack.

The See Ya Later Stack
Of course you want to raise a Stack to your new lover but in truth nothing would feel more right than toasting the partner long gone. So here's a glass to leaving the old behind!