Let the champagne flow! 6 of the biggest and best British waterfalls to inspire your Coupe Stack

04th February


There are few things we love more than a good cascade, so what could be better than a sip from a Coupe Stack whilst admiring nature's own tumbling towers. Here we take a tour of some of Britain's tallest and most scenic waterfalls - nature's very own Coupe Stacks if you will!  

1. Swallow Falls - Snowdonia, Wales
For Coupe Stackers who want to lose themselves in the beauty of nature
In the middle of Snowdonia National Park, tucked away amongst the forest covered hills, are the stunning Swallow Falls. A loud and spectacular force of nature, particularly after heavy rainfall, the water rushes over boulders as it continues its journey down the River Llugwy. If you’re an Outdoorsy Coupe Stacker, enjoy the falls as the dramatic climax of a refreshing forest walk or instead, simply drive to one of the many viewing platforms and admire nature’s display.

2. Aira Force - Cumbria, England 66 ft. 
Perfect for a Coupe Stack Picnic
Get away from it all in the magical scenery of the Ullswater valley in the Lake District. Stroll through woodland and stop in your tracks as you come across the romantic Aira Force waterfall. Admire the view from the small stone footbridge that spans the very top of the falls, this is the spot after all that inspired Wordsworth to pen several poems. Wind your way down the hill and you’ll find the perfect spot to have a picnic (complete with Coupe Stack of course)as you listen to the soothing sound of the tumbling water.

3. High Force - Durham, England 71 ft.
A picture perfect moment for the artistically inclined Coupe Stacker 
The stunning scenery of High Force waterfall in Durham will reward the adventurous outdoorsy Coupe Stacker with a breathtaking show of nature that once inspired JMW Turner to capture its dramatic beauty. Not necessarily the tallest of waterfalls at 71 ft tall but easily one of the most memorable given its setting in the North Pennines Ares of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

4. Pistyll Rhaeadr – Powys, Wales 240 ft.
Best for the romantic Coupe Stacker

Described as one of the Seven Wonders of Wales, Pistyll Rhaedr is also one of the UK’s tallest waterfalls. Located a few miles from the village of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant, water cascades in three stages over a 240 ft cliff face. A natural arch breaks up the water’s flow down to the river below making it even more picturesque and romantic.

5. Steall Falls - Glen Nevis, Scotland 394 ft.
An adrenalin rush for the thrill seeking Coupe Stacker 
Steall Falls in the rugged and rocky Nevis Gorge can lay claim to being Britain’s second highest waterfall with a single 394 ft drop. Not bad when you consider that Niagra Falls is ‘just’ 167ft tall!  The water you’ll see plummeting down is in fact the River Nevis on its way to the sea. For the bravest of Coupe Stackers  a wire-rope bridge lets you get up close to the falls to experience their spectacular power.

6. Eas a’ Chual Aluinn – Northwest Highlands, Scotland 658 ft. 
For Coupe Stackers following the call of the wild 
We’ve got to admit the name doesn’t exactly roll of the tip of the  tongue but with a sheer drop of 658ft this waterfall in Scotland is actually Britain’s highest. Incredibly, when in full flow, it can boast to being over three times higher than Niagra Falls. Its remote and difficult to reach location probably accounts for its lack of widespread fame – take your pick from a six mile boggy walk or boat trip!