The history of Coupe Stack. The exciting champagne glasses for a Champagne Tower

Take a seat, find yourself a glass and relax. We'd like to tell you the story of The Coupe Stack. 

2 years ago, two brothers sat down with a bottle of champagne and an old, crumpled black and white photograph. It showed their great uncle pouring a bottle of Pol Roger down a carefully balanced set of 8 champagne coupes. One directly on top of the next, the glasses made a singular tube shape that rose up, towering to a meter high, at least. It was hard to make out how they rested on each other but by the excited looks on the baffled guests around, this was some kind of party trick.

Yes they'd been to wild parties themselves, had watched at events as hosts poured from giant champagne pyramids, but they had never seen this stunt. A moment grabbed them. This was a great way to share a celebration with friends. They must try to recreate this family heirloom for all.

At first they needed to find out where the original had come from. And though their great uncle had passed away, a few stories were shared from aunts and cousins alike. After extensive investigations they found what appeared to be the origin. And it all started rather untypically with an Indian Prince. The Maharajah of Cooch Behar. With a flair for roaring parties and a glamorous Hollywood actress as a wife, he wasn’t your typical Maharajah. Guests at his decadent parties, including the brother's great grandfather, Sir Arthur Page, looked forward to the highlight of the evening when the Maharajah would delight with a spectacular champagne tower. Always one to do things differently however, this tower was unlike any guests had seen before. Reaching incredible heights, each glass was stacked one on top of the other, coupe after coupe, while guests held their breath and watched. Due to return to England after spending many years in the region, the Maharajah presented Sir Arthur with a set of these stacking champagne coupes as a gift.

Despite a stormy ocean return on The Empress of Asia, the original Coupe Stack arrived back in England intact and went on to become a much used and admired family treasure. A centrepiece of family celebrations. Sadly now there is no knowledge of the whereabouts of the original Coupe Stack. Its memory only held in that black and white shot.

Having dug around and successfully got to the bottom of the origins, the brothers set about developing their own Coupe Stack, first through developing 3D print models, then perspex prototypes and finally glass proofs, careful to design a patent pending ledge on the inside of the glass. The journey took them to far flung parts of England and France. In the pursuit of producing the best they were forced to open many bottles of champagne and share a tower with many new and old friends. A happy journey. The very reason they set out to create the Coupe Stack in the first place.